In a previous entry I talked about a problem I was having with my laptop blue screening every time I tried to install/run ColdFusion 8 with the default 1.6 jvm. At the time, I believed the issue might be with java 1.6 and some drivers on my machine. It turns out I was only partially right.

I though others in my group had been successful at installing CF8 on their machines, but it turns out that they all had the same BSOD problem I did. After a little more digging, Adam Crump was able to determine that the fault was taking place with a file called fslx.sys. It turns out that this file is used by the Altiris Software Virtualization System that was installed on all of our laptops. We use Altiris for lifecycle management, helpdesk, patch management, and more. The software virtualization wasn't being actively used, but something about it is causing the BSOD. Removing the Altiris virtualization program and reverting back to the 1.6 jvm solved the problem.

We're planning to submit the issue to Symantec (they recently bought Altiris) so they can hopefully issue a fix. Their virtualization software is actually pretty cool, so I'd like to be able to have it reinstalled on my machine again at some point.