Tim Buntel Blogging About Scorpio

That's right, looks like Tim Buntel, ColdFusion Product Manager has gotten his blog all setup to start talking about Scorpio, the next version of ColdFusion (CFMX 8). There's nothing specific there yet, but if Tim's Blackstone posts were any indication, we can expect Macromedia/Adobe to share details and solicit feedback extensively throughout the product development cycle.

Blue Dragon Profiler

After the CF 8 announcement the other day that Macromedia would be opening up more server internals for monitoring in the next major release of ColdFusion, one of my first thoughts was "profiling tools". Funnily enough, Charlie Arehart of New Atlanta has just officially announced that they are productizing a proflier that they initially created for their own use.

Their profiling tool, which is web based will show all sorts of useful information about a CFML web application such as page execution, which tags executed, how many times, how long the tags took to execute, execution order, etc. Each of these items contains additional details.

You can dril down from the page to tag level to see exactly what's executing, and how long it took. It's granular all the way down to the line of code that's in question.

The one thing I didn't see them show in the tool is memory utilization. While I think the tool gives us a lot more than we have now, to me, showing memory utilization is pretty crucial. We'll see if this makes its way into the final product or not.

CFUNITED Winding Down

As CFUNITED winds dowm, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made it possible. Those people are too numerous to mention here, so I'll leave it at that.

The quality and consistency of this year's conference was exceptional. From the conference facilities to the speaker selection to the keynote addresses, this year's CFUNITED was the best ever.

It's clear that CFUNITED has truely become the premier ColdFusion technical conference. While MAX will always be considered "The Macromedia Conference", the fact remains that it's much more heavily focused on the entire Macromedia product line than it is on just ColdFusion. While there is still a lot of value to be derived from MAX, if you are looking for focused, timely ColdFusion technical sessions, CFUNITED is the ticket.

Adam Crump Enters The Blogroll

That's right, Adam Crump is finally blogging. Adam's a very talented developer with strong mach-ii experience. He already has some good posts from CFUNITED up on his site. I'm looking forward to a lot of great content from Adam on ColdFusion topics such as architecture, frameworks (mach-ii, model-glue, etc), CFEclipse, build tools, and more.

First CFUNITED Pictures Now On Flickr

I finally had a chance to post some of my initial CFUNITED pictures to the CFUNITED Flickr Pool. If you haven't checked out the pool yet, it's a place where anyone attending the conference can go and post pictures for everyone to see.

I (and hopefully others) should be adding more pictures soon.

Jeff Tapper on Event Gateways

Jeff Tapper gave a good introduction to ColdFusion Event Gateways. Besides the ususal "here's how you send an IM through the gateway", Jeff also demo'd an application he created to allow him to add new music to his music server remotely, and have the songs show up in his online playlist. He's using a combination of FTP, a modified version of the directory watcher gateway, and WinAmp. When the file's been received and added to the playlist, it send him an IM letting him know. A cool idea indeed, and a great demo app.


As many of you know by now, I'm at CFUNITED, the premier ColdFusion Technical Conference all week. What you may not be aware of, however, is exactly why CFUNITED rocks. Let me tell you.

In addition to the keynotes, developer focused sessions, etc., the networking opportunities here are unmatched. Adam Crump and I finished off the evening tonight (about 10 minutes ago) with an awesome conversation with Joe Rinehart (of model-glue fame), Paul Kenney (CFCUnit architect) and Doug Hughes (Alagad Image Component author). We discussed everything from frameworks to unit testing to future trends in ColdFusion. While I've spoken to several of these guys individually, or via forum posts, it's hard to describe just how awesome it was to have all of them in the same room discussing the things that I think matter most to ColdFusion's future.

ColdFusion MX 8 - Codename Scorpio

At the CFUNITED keynote this morning, Macromedia announced the codename for ColdFusion MX 8, "Scorpio". Currently in early development, Tim Buntel mentioned that the two top areas of focus were the presentation tier, and greater access to the server internals and monitoring.

The server internals and monitoring is especially interesting (to me at least). This would open up the potential for several things. The first thing we could potentially get would be more access to internal information, such as how much memory particular things were consuming. Think things like knowing how much memory a particular query is consuming, etc. There's a lot of potential here. Second on the list is profiling tools. The Java world has them, and I want them for CF. Having a profiling tool would allow you to pinpoint where in your code certain conditions were present such as excessive memory use, slow performance, etc.

Given previous product cycles, I'm guessing here that we won't see CFMX 8 going gold for probably another 18 months or so, but that's only a prediction.

Macromedia and Open Source - CFEclipse Announcement

From the CFUNITED conference in Bethesda, MD...

Macromedia announced formal support for the CFEclipse project, pledging engineering support and collaboration for the project. CFEclipse will remain an independant project, with Macromedia providing advice, research, and code as time unfolds.

Simeon Bateman, the project leader for CFEclipse also addressed the crowd stating that we should start to expect more regular builds as the collaboration with Macromedia moves forward.

Expect the CFEclipse 2.0 release sometime this fall. In the meantime, the new CFEclipse Website is now online.

Merrimack - The Next ColdFusion Updater

Just announced at CFUNITED...

The next ColdFusion updater, code named Merrimack is currently in beta and will be released later this year. In addition to a number of bug fixes, there are several new features being added. The ones that were announced:

  • CFCProxy for calling CFCs directly from Java. This was heavily requested, but didn't make it into the CFMX 7 initial release.
  • Additional platform support including Mac OS X, Oracle 10g App server, and WebSphere Network Deployment. Additional linux variants as well.
  • Additional Flash forms tweaks